Snap-in Dentures: Everything You Need to Know

Snap-in Denture

Are you missing all of your teeth? Do you already wear dentures? If so, you know how bothersome it can be to try to keep them in place all day long. Especially if you can’t create a comfortable suction between your “plate” and the roof of your mouth.

Removable dentures can be uncomfortable, cause slurred speech, and even weaken your biting and chewing abilities. And over time, they contribute to additional bone loss, changing the shape of your jaws.

Thankfully, our Leawood denture patients have a great solution to consider: snap-in dentures (overdentures).

What are Snap-in Dentures?

A snap-in denture looks almost exactly like a conventional denture. However, no gooey adhesives or denture pastes are required to hold it in place. Instead of resting on your gums and creating a suction, these prosthetics snap onto anywhere from 2-4 dental implants during the day.

Snap-on dentures are secure, yet removable. That means they won’t rub, slip, or slide when you wear them. You can feel confident knowing that they’ll set firmly in place until you remove them each evening before you go to bed.

How Do Snap-in Dentures Work?

Sometimes called “overdentures” or “implant stabilized dentures”, your snap-on denture will have special locators on the underside of the prosthesis. Each of these locators corresponds to a strategically-placed dental implant in your mouth.

Depending on your oral anatomy and the amount of stability needed, Dr. Rooney will advise anywhere from 2-4 implants (or in some cases, more) for that arch.

After each implant is fully integrated with your bone, we affix special attachments onto the top of each implant. These attachments are what “snap” or “clip” into the removable denture.

Benefits of Wearing a Snap-on Denture

Snap-on dentures are easy to clean and care for. Just like traditional plates, all you need to do is remove them nightly, clean them as directed, and care for your oral tissues. You don’t sleep in them the way you would an All-on-4 appliance or fixed bridge.

Overdentures provide added stability throughout the day. If you struggle with a denture that’s always seeming to rock or come loose, the implants underneath will prevent it from doing so.

The added stability you get from dental implants makes it easier to talk and eat various textures of foods that are usually off-limits for denture wearers. They’re a step-up from traditional plates and a mid-range alternative for people who may not qualify for or want fixed All-on-4 treatment.

A lot of people prefer the look of snap-on dentures to traditional dentures because they feel the prosthesis looks more natural. Not only does it help maintain your natural facial profile, but it also supports the soft tissues in your lips and cheeks, for a more youthful appearance if you have missing teeth.

Wherever dental implants are installed, we also know that bone loss is discouraged. Since implants trigger healthy bone integration, the natural resorption (shrinking) that occurs with tooth loss is delayed. This aspect makes snap-on dentures “healthier” for our edentulous patients, as they don’t trigger additional bone loss by applying pressure to your gingival tissues.

Disadvantages of Snap-on/Clip-in Dentures

Although snap-on overdentures have a variety of benefits, there are some disadvantages that you may want to consider.

For one, not everyone qualifies for dental implant treatment. Although it is a minimal-invasive procedure, you will want to consult with an expert like Dr. Rooney before pursuing this specialized treatment. Certain anesthesia medications will be used, so a medical clearance may be required.

Overdentures do cost a bit more than traditional dentures. If cost is a concern and you don’t have dental insurance, flexible financing may be available.

Our Leawood denture patients with significant bone loss may need bone grafting or gum augmentation before a snap-in denture can be installed. This can lengthen the treatment process and require additional healing time.

Overdentures require regular maintenance. As the attachments wear out, they will need to be replaced. Whereas something like an All-on-4 hybrid denture is permanent and never removed.

How Much do Snap-on Dentures Cost?

Multiple variables go into determining the cost of your dental procedure. For instance, if you need grafting/augmentation or sedation, those fees will impact the total price of your care. If you don’t require bone grafts and only need two implants, you may not spend much more than about $6000 in total.

The best way to determine exactly how much your Leawood snap-on dentures will cost is to meet with Dr. Rooney for a no-obligation evaluation. Our care coordinators will work up a treatment plan—including any insurance benefits you have—so that you have a firm quote on all denture and implant-related pricing.

Daily Care and Maintenance

It’s important that you don’t sleep in removable prosthetics like dentures or overdentures. Your snap-on appliance still needs to be removed nightly to prevent oral infection, bone loss, and bad breath.

Clean your snap-on denture with a soft toothbrush, lukewarm water, and antibacterial soap. We recommend soaking your prosthesis in an effervescent denture cleanser overnight, then brushing and rinsing it clean the next morning.

Be sure to clean your gums with a washcloth or soft toothbrush at least twice a day. This will help prevent any infections or bad breath.

If possible, step away after meals to rinse your mouth out well with water, preferably removing your snap-on denture to rinse it off if you have the opportunity to do so.

Permanent Implants vs. Snap-on Dentures

There are several reasons why a person may prefer a clip-on overdenture instead of fixed All-on-4 implants. For example, the time requirement, financial investment, and health of their bone will all play a role. Working with our Leawood implant specialist will give you an opportunity to discuss the pros and cons of each, that way you can feel confident about selecting the best treatment for your situation.

As an implant expert, Dr. Rooney is able to provide a wide range of dental implant therapies. We can easily determine which option is best for your specific circumstances.

Choose an Implant Specialist in Leawood, KS

Dr. Rooney is among some of the nation’s top dental implant specialists. As a Diplomat of the American Board of Oral Implantology, his training and credentials ensure that each of our patients receives the highest level of specialized implant care possible. Unlike general dentists who offer implants in their practice, Dr. Rooney has years of additional training in surgical techniques and oral rehabilitation. He is a true expert when it comes to overseeing full mouth rehabilitation and dental implant surgery.

Reserve a consultation today to find out if snap-in dentures are right for you.

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