There *Is* Such A Thing As The Best Time To Take Probiotics And You're Probably Doing It Wrong

Probiotics are recommended when taking an antibiotic. Continue using probiotic foods/drinks/supplements for 30 days after the antibiotic.

The more the foods have live cultures or are fermented, the better. There are supplements with healthy bacteria but they need to be viable and alive when ingested.

To simplify, there is general agreement that probiotics help keep your gut health and even improve antibiotc effectiveness when taking antibiotics. Take before bed and one month after antibiotic use is my recommendation.

Eating fermented foods- cheese, yogart and milk that have bacteria like lacto bacillus and that havent been killed off from processing are helpful. Aged or unpasteurized milk based cheeses often have live cultures in the cheese.

Kombucha is a fermented drink that is helpful, some saurkrauts as well.

Although rare, all antibiotcs have an inherent risk of Antibiotic Related Cholitis which can result in hospitalization or even death. The primary organisim is Chlostridium Defficile. Pro biotics may provide an added protection against this opportunistic bacteria.

A well known Brazilian endodontist introduced this supplemental food choice to me. Yakult is gut healthy supportive food product . Apparently in her country even kids are started on this gut healthy choice.

As an added bennifit, better gut health equals better mental health.

Good Serotonin for the brain begins with what you choose to eat, what goes into the mouth- then the gut .

During your recovery, and hopefuly longer, the benefits of improved nutrition and supportive foods for the thirty day protocol will have enough impact on you to be continued as part of a healthy lifestyle.

A little focus on good foods, diet, and improving the gut during your healing will not only help your antibiotic work better and reduce/eleminate unwanted side effects, but you will feel better and may overall be happier too!.

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