Convergent Dentistry: Restoring Our Patients' Smiles

It is funny how my business and profession is so similar to restoring my '66 Plymouth. The easier thing would be to start new; like purchasing a new car. But not many are working to restore the older classics that have already had their day of being new. Now, they're showing some wear and tear and the new-car smell wore off years ago. However, they really just need some tender loving care to bring back their original beauty and function.

So, let's relate this back to my career in dentistry and my love of restoring my patients' smiles back to their original beauty and function.

What do you do when there aren't enough teeth, there isn't enough bone? I have to take my skills to the next level; sometimes I work with old parts (original teeth) and add new parts (new teeth) but I want to keep the final result as original as possible.

It's what I do. I like working on my car and my patients; they are both special. Don't get me wrong, I like the easy stuff too! (My other car is a Model 3 Tesla, but that's really easy!)

Dentistry for younger patients is typically the easiest, because I'm working with newer teeth. Age can take its toll, as can years of neglect or genetics that leave people with dental issues, some being severe. There's also an emotional toll that leaves people shamed, frustrated and unable to enjoy life's simple pleasures, like not being able to enjoy a family picnic because of loose or missing teeth.

I can restore the beauty, function and self-esteem for my patients and more.

My name is Christopher C. Rooney, DDS and I'm a lifelong resident of the Kansas City area. I graduated from the UMKC School of Dentistry and have been practicing dentistry and creating beautiful smiles since 1995.

My dental practice, Convergent Dentistry in Leawood, Kansas, has evolved to serve patient who have more severe dental issues, generally due to neglect and / or fear that has caused them to avoid the dentist. They have found themselves needing to correct multiple dental problems that a general dental practice isn't trained or equipped to manage.

By using advanced sedation techniques, my patient can get multiple problems corrected during one appointment that may otherwise take a general dentist numerous appointments and visits to multiple specialists.

Our goal at Convergent Dentistry is to manage your journey back to full dental health. My professional team and I look forward to working with you and restoring the beauty and function back to your smile and your confidence and self-esteem back to your life.

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