As dental technology continues to advance, so does the approach to treatment. Minimally invasive dentistry focuses on preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible while still providing effective dental treatment. As a dentist, Dr. Christopher Rooney in Leawood, KS, incorporates minimal invasive and regenerative treatments both surgically and restoratively into the services we provide for our patients.

Why It’s Important

Our patient-centered care approach aims to prevent dental problems before they occur, and when treatment is necessary, use the most conservative approach possible. The philosophy behind minimally invasive dentistry is that less is more. We remove teeth without damaging the bone by dilation and sectioning into smaller and simpler-to-remove pieces. Pulling teeth is traumatic and damaging to good surrounding tissues, bone, and adjacent teeth. Less trauma, pain and quicker healing, and bone preservation are the result.

Less Invasive, Smaller Restorative Treatments

There are several ways in which MID can be used to treat dental problems. For example, if a cavity is detected in its early stages, Dr. Rooney can use air abrasion techniques to remove the decayed tissue instead of using a traditional drill. Additionally, if your tooth is too damaged to repair with a filling, we can use an inlay or onlay to restore it rather than place a crown over the entire tooth surface.

Dental Technologies For Minimally Invasive Dentistry

The dental technologies we provide are CBCT cone beam cat scan x-ray technology to identify, diagnose, and plan minimal invasive approaches for implant treatment. Sirona Gallaleos. Drillless microabrasion for preparing damaged structures, surgical fillings to rescue older bridges, and repair margins of troubled fillings, veneers, or crowns. This technology is also used to recover ailing implants. Often a second chance at maintaining existing dental work can be accomplished. We use rotary endodontics, shaping of internal canals of teeth to reduce internal loss of tooth structure and maintain tooth root strength. Along with gentle heat plasticized sealing of the tooth to be saved, benefits are better long-term results and less chance of root fractures years later.

Faster Healing Times

We utilize Digital x-rays that produce very little radiation but improve diagnosis and can show people the findings.

Often we use intra-oral laser scanning for digital models and recording of teeth rather than impressions. Digital workflow and surgical guidance/assistance are one benefit besides no good—medit scanner.

Proprietary instrumentation like the Pentatome and disinfection processes keep our procedures and office safe and improve the management of delicate tissues. We test our water, air, surfaces, and instruments to confirm a sterile and ultra-clean environment.

Convergent Dentistry - it all comes together here in Leawood Kansas

Lastly - what keeps our dentistry minimally invasive, quicker healing, less trauma, less pain, and exceptional results- It's Dr. Rooney and his team at Convergent Dentistry. He is an expert in bone biology and regeneration, has a specialty degree in implant dentistry, and can provide what is needed to restore and maintain healthy mouths and bodies. He is also an expert in disease reduction, implementing processes that have been shown to reduce disease risk. Rarely do we have people develop an infection after treatment at our facility.

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